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"When day met night Everything felt right Day awakes and starts new lives Night sleeps but it's still alive Day is always shinning its light Night is dark but still just as bright Day is crowded, full of living things Night is empty, no awake beings Day is wild, cause of what people do Night is crazy, believe they are...   read all
Release date: 01.07.2014 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00087
"The World Only Ends When You're Dead" is the third record after the debut "Bleeding Wounds" from 2007 and the follow-up "The Prose Of Existence" from 2009. The sound is clear and powerful and let you feel the energy flowing out of the band's music. And what about the music itself? Well, all eleven tracks...   read all
Release date: 15.02.2011 Genre: Metal Cat. No: AR00060
" Thought Chapter " Is The 2nd Album By " Attack With Style " . This Album Is A New Level In Instrumental Rock Music , And Features Powerful - Melody , Rock And Empathic Lead Guitar Solos .    read all
Release date: 20.05.2011 Genre: Rock Cat. No: AR00067
Touch the Sky is the brand new single by electronica act Tigerforest. The song is about all the invisible connections on this planet. We are all connected, just touch the sky. The single release features some amazing remixes by Toshihiro Ogihara, MST and several newcomers from the EDM scene, as well as a remix of Finding My Way by Bob...   read all
Release date: 20.08.2013 Genre: Dance Cat. No: AR00085
Founded in 2001, Gravity Co. started out as a side project, working on the soundtrack to the computer game Trans, side project turned to full-time and they haven't looked back since. In early 2002 Gravity Co. made their debut, releasing their first single 'Away' accompanied by an art-school style video directed by Gravity Co.'s...   read all
Release date: 23.06.2008 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00005
Viola Organista - The Macabre Carnival is the evolution of ASA's Ill-Fated 2016 album "Viola Organista...and Other Impossible Dreams", ASA's 5th studio release. Due to personal, personnel and life changes - Alice Sweet Alice completely reformed and evolved into the band it is today, and the songs from this album evolved with...   read all
Release date: 12.11.2018 Genre: Alternative Cat. No: CANTO17
“Bach gave us God's Word. Mozart gave us God's Laughter. Beethoven gave us God's Fire. LaughingSkull gave us God's Despair.” Intricate woven tales, blend of progressive rock and fusion metal. Too jazzy for metalheads, to hard for jazzers, too weird for rockers. Addictive, avoid at all costs.   read all
Release date: 01.06.2015 Genre: Rock Cat. No: AR00090
Ian Henderson is a musician and artist who publishes under the name "Painted Water". Ian was born in Logan Utah. When he was three his family moved to Olympia Washington. His parents introduced him to their antique upright piano when he was five years old, and his love for the piano began. When he was ten his parents separated...   read all
Release date: 20.02.2009 Genre: Easy listening Cat. No: AR00017
Power and glorious,groove and lyric,ethnic and electronical... This wide soundscapes can really explore your mind and take you to the magiclands travel ! Really inspirational music...    read all
Release date: 26.05.2009 Genre: New Age Cat. No: AR00027
"Your day is now" is the first album by "Bee in the Bonnet". The music style of the BAND is with pointedly rock-alternative sound. Their original stuff was recorded in the spring of 2010. This album contains six original tracks as well as acoustic version of one of the songs. They were written between the autumn of...   read all
Release date: 17.06.2010 Genre: Alternative Cat. No: AR00048
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