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Green Sun is back with another great album. Hear "Tales of Iceland" on all major services.   read all
Release date: 15.01.2021 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00103
   read all
Release date: 05.03.2011 Genre: Easy listening Cat. No: AR00063
"The Electric Tree" is the brand new, third album of Tigerforest, an ambient electronica project by German composer Gunnar Spardel. Together with a wonderful array of guest musicians like Doug Hammer, Michael Ghiggeri, Roccisano and breathtaking vocalists like Amethyste, Jennifer Hershman, Hannah Ray, Kim Berry and Madelin...   read all
Release date: 15.03.2012 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00071
The Page Of Life album was composed during 2009-2011 in a home studio. The genre is still electronic chillout as a previous album Dream Element. Most of the instruments used are VST plugins sequenced in Cubase, in addition to Virus B synthesizer and Electric guitar. All tracks were composed and arranged by me except track no.9 that...   read all
Release date: 12.05.2011 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00066
SILUET are a five-piece rock band currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They are touring frequently around Europe to perform their unique and explosive mixture of classic rock and roll and a bunch of other styles variating from blues and progressive rock to Bulgarian folklore rhythms. Their memorable sound combines beautiful bluesy...   read all
Release date: 07.02.2011 Genre: Rock Cat. No: AR00059
Into the Deepsea of Sound... The musical world of Tigerforest "Music means much more to me than playing white and black keys together in some harmonious or disharmonious accordance and order. It`s more than making impressive eclectic soundscapes or sequences with some content. Music is my life. Music is my playground of...   read all
Release date: 29.10.2007 Genre: Dance Cat. No: AR00014
"The Sunflower" is the debut album of the composer Embark Sunway. His style is a beautiful mix of electronic music with other music styles such as jazz, ambient and classic. The album, a part and titled after his quatrology "The Sunflower", is a story of a flower that never looks in the dark. It is an inspiring peace...   read all
Release date: 30.09.2008 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00010
"When day met night Everything felt right Day awakes and starts new lives Night sleeps but it's still alive Day is always shinning its light Night is dark but still just as bright Day is crowded, full of living things Night is empty, no awake beings Day is wild, cause of what people do Night is crazy, believe they are...   read all
Release date: 01.07.2014 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00087
"The World Only Ends When You're Dead" is the third record after the debut "Bleeding Wounds" from 2007 and the follow-up "The Prose Of Existence" from 2009. The sound is clear and powerful and let you feel the energy flowing out of the band's music. And what about the music itself? Well, all eleven tracks...   read all
Release date: 15.02.2011 Genre: Metal Cat. No: AR00060
" Thought Chapter " Is The 2nd Album By " Attack With Style " . This Album Is A New Level In Instrumental Rock Music , And Features Powerful - Melody , Rock And Empathic Lead Guitar Solos .    read all
Release date: 20.05.2011 Genre: Rock Cat. No: AR00067
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