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Daybreak is the second CD of Tigerforest aka german composer Gunnar Spardel which was created from 2007 to 2009 in the USA and Europe. It is the follow up to the succesful debut CD "The Sound of Life". The main idea of the album is to explore the living world and discover how our evolving understanding of natural processes has...   read all
Release date: 13.10.2009 Genre: Dance Cat. No: AR00036
This is a compilation album.   read all
Release date: 18.12.2015 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00092
" Doomsday Kid. Diaries " is a debut album by the band P.I.Light. It consists of 11 songs with electronica intro and outro (noise sounds made by The Forest). The album is very eclectic: alternative, metal, experimental, electronic. Heavy sound. Apocalyptic fiction and outer space music. Tale of an alien kid from dying planet....   read all
Release date: 29.05.2010 Genre: Alternative Cat. No: AR00047
Drawbacks & Benefits is the debut CD from the bulgarian based instrumental metal trio Mindfold Express. It features low tuned syncopated riffing and complex drum patterns, a formula used by bands as Meshuggah, Textures, Periphery, layered with guitar solos, ambient soundscapes and trip hop flashes. The CD features a guest appearance...   read all
Release date: 05.11.2010 Genre: Metal Cat. No: AR00056
Dream elements is a chillout electronic album. It features lush pads, dream piano and electronic sounds to create atmospheric environment.   read all
Release date: 09.12.2008 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00016
Kamberov Denis whose artistic pseudonym is 3style-boy is young and promising composer, who is very passionate and devoted on music itself. Although he is born in Bulgaria, he moved in Belgium, where today he develops his music career. This is the place, where he obtains knowledge and inspiration for his music creativity. His passion is...   read all
Release date: 03.07.2008 Genre: Dance Cat. No: AR00007
The album was created mostly in the ambient genre. Experimenting in the new direction the album is different from the previous releases. The main idea was to create downtempo background music with a lot of space and depth where the melodies are simple, but evolving over the time.   read all
Release date: 09.12.2022 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00107
Let Bryan's fourth album take you on a cosmic journey that will lift you to a higher state of being. Let it touch your heart with it's uplifting and dramatic melodies. This album is meant to inspire those in need of inspiration and revive their mind, body and soul. Lay down, relax and experience a wide range of emotions which...   read all
Release date: 27.04.2015 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00088
In October of 2005, a very fine musician from Germany ( Gunnar Spardel of Tigerforest ) caught Amethyste's attention. One of his wonderful song "Summer Rain" was playing on the player and she HAD to click on the "view" button. Suddenly, she was transported into a new dimension where music has a soul and feelings. A...   read all
Release date: 08.11.2006 Genre: New Age Cat. No: AR00003
A perfect execution from start to finish , the signature from a mature musician is scribed throughout every note , an intelligent unique style that has fully evolved , instrumental alpha .   read all
Release date: 08.11.2019 Genre: Rock Cat. No: AR00100
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