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Indigo child Debut from Svetlana Palada melting boundaries between inteligent pop and modern latin jazz   read all
Release date: 12.04.2009 Genre: Jazz Cat. No: AR00020
"Interrogate This" Features A Powerful Fusion of Metal, Acoustic and Lead Guitar Harmony Based Instrumentals, That Have Been Passionately Created From The Artist " Ian Cahill " - AKA " Attack With Style " The album "Interrogate This" which is released 2010, is an instrumental Epic That...   read all
Release date: 10.07.2010 Genre: Rock Cat. No: AR00050
Islands is an essential collection of sun soaked music by Tigerforest, aka german music producer Gunnar Spardel. Brandnew summer inspired songs and also some reworks of well known tracks will take you on an audio visual journey. Guest musicians include Piano Virtuoso Doug Hammer and Ambient Musician David Helpling, as well as the always...   read all
Release date: 01.10.2012 Genre: Electronic Cat. No: AR00075
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