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AMAdea Records is an independent record label established in 2007, whose mission is to spread quality and stylish music throughout the world. Our philosophy is to promote creativity in all its forms. Our aim is to facilitate the development of new artists working within a realm of care, quality and craft. We are highly driven by passion for exceptional quality music. AMAdea Records is proud to be the launching pad for many talented and diverse artists.
AMAdea Records launched to the world with couple Chill-out/New Age music releases, presented by promising and talented artists in this field as Tigerforest, Amethyste & Sleepwalker.
AMAdea Records develops within the electronic, electro/pop and ambient music, adding new artists as Green Sun, Bryan El and Gravity Co. to the developing catalog.
AMAdea Records signs the follow up new age/ambient album of Amethyste – “Shimmer”, which is a complementary addition to her debut album "Ethereal" soundwise.
AMAdea Records integrates releases in its catalog of other musical genres, with the idea to explore possibilities to impose unknown, but talented artists on the world music market. AMAdea Records expands its music catalog with genres as dance, jazz, rock, alternative, metal, easy listening, world and even classics. This experiment has brought very interesting and innovative new artists, Svetlana Palada, Painted Water, Bob Zopp, Crowfish and etc.
AMAdea Records signs the follow up dance/trance album of Tigerforest – “Daybreak”. His creation is evolving as one of the more progressive sounds of dance music today.
AMAdea Records signs the whole music catalog of one of the best ethnic Bulgarian bands Lot Lorien. Their music take influences from different European traditions and explore the outer reaches of cross-genre fusion.
AMAdea Records supports the independent non-profit music community SONIC-BANG sponsoring their music competitions with the grand prize of producing contract. AMAdea Records is proud to be the launching pad for many talented and diverse artists.
AMAdea Records begins the expansion into chillout, new age, ambient and worldbeat genres with the release of “Chill-out Dreaminess” series.
AMAdea Records signs and releases albums by new artists, Stef, Nick Beman, Ajabez, Fyeld and others.
AMAdea Records signs the follow up electronic/downtempo album of Bryan El – “Spiritual Evolution”, which completely extends the romanticism of the previous album “Out of This World” and even expands it with some eerie electrifying electronica.
AMAdea Records signs the follow up new age/soundtrack album of Painted Water – “Finding Tomorrow”. It’s a sweetly melodious journey into peace with flutes, piano, orchestra, warm timpani, ambient textures and etc.
AMAdea Records signs with the young Bulgarian band Mindfold Express. This is one of those bands that have the uncanny ability of blending multiple styles to create a hybrid sound that is all their own. Not long after Mindfold Express conquering the rock/metal charts in Bulgarian radio stations.
...the future is a vast place for us to conquer...

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