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Genre: New Age
Albums: 1
Country: Ukraine
I was keen on music since my early childhood.
It's a perfectly clear picture when I'm five and my father records Beatles "Yellow Submarine" to a tape. Oh, how long ago it was!
I've had no music education at the proper time but music always was my passion and even more realistic world then 'real life' sometimes.
When I listened to the music I always thought to myself "Oh, God ! How beautiful this music is! How great are people which make it so perfect! And how beautiful would be the world and life they live !..."
I really dreamt of being one of them, although I didn't know really how.
But The Dream was still alive!

My family was medical so I went to the medical college and became a doctor.
It's funny but even in medical career I realized my intuitive and sensitive skills were trained by music. I was specialized in naturopathic medicine and often should ask to my patients about their emotional feelings and dreams. I've had really successful private medical practice. I had a lot of patients, money and respect. And as a honest healer I should used the same methods for my own life.
And at one fine day I asked to myself: "Who am really I ? What should I do in my life? What do I really want?... The answer was - My real passion is art , especially music!"
So at the age of 35 I started study piano playing with a private teacher!
As you can see My Dream was still alive!
Nothing is by chance!
Anytime I went to the right way I met appropriate people who showed me how to achieve my aim. That time I met a very talented young self-teaching musician and heard the beautiful music he created by only his home computer.
And it was the point I saw the bridge to my dream!
Then I leave the medicine practice, bought the PC and set my sail through the endless sea of music composition!
It was a five years good practice full of routs and triumphs, discoveries and losses, hopes and disillusionments. I had a great support from my family and friends and a great inspiration from my great teachers: Kitaro, Mike Oldfield, Yanni, Enya.

And My Dream is still alive and I've got a little win today,-I've finished my first CD and its epigraph is :

Music is a special language expressing our deepest feelings and images...
And music can create worlds in our mind...

When I dream I see the pictures of beautiful and glorious worlds... where I wanna live ...or may be I've lived already...

And I try to show those pictures trough my music... in your mind...
...hope to realize these worlds...

I wish your dreams would realize! OZ

Power and glorious,groove and lyric,ethnic and electronical... This wide soundscapes can really explore your mind and take you to the magiclands travel ! Really inspirational music...
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