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Genre: Electronic
Albums: 1
Country: Bulgaria
maxi:mizer was born in 2005 in London E17 6SF and is the bastard son of musician ros:automatic.
ros:automatic was born and raised in a country far from E17 6SF, surrounded by sun, snow and the music of such illustrious artists as Shturcite, Tangra, Signal, Kichka Bodurova, Stefka Berova & Jordan Marchinkov gigging continuously in his head. With his drumsticks in his hands and a beat in his heart he decided to follow in their footsteps and "Lud Gidia" was born.
Lud Gidia had a short but very colourful life. A name change due to outside pressure, a four month reign in the realms of the superstars, followed by the shock resignation of ros:automatic. Delusioned with an industry that possessed all the goodness of a bag full of shit and ran by gender confused objects for their own sadistic pleasure, ros:automatic decided enough was enough. Fuck this industry! Fuck this country! And off he went. For 8 long years.
His love of music restored and his will to succeed even stronger than before ros:automatic returned home to make it big. But sadly for him the country hadn’t progressed at all. If anything it had moved backwards. Hooking up with two equally ambitious countrymen the “Imbeciles “were formed, bags were packed, and the mean streets of London beckoned.
Within months they had toured with Placebo, signed a contract with the indie label “Only Lovers Left Alive” and their first single "Cool T-shirt" was released to critical acclaim. A following was built and they were being touted as the next big thing.
But deep down something stirred in ros:automatic. Something that was forming inside him. Something that was distancing him from the life of an “Imbecile.” And with the knowledge that he was on the verge of something beautifully dark. Something that would finally stand up to the musical demon that dwelt in his shadow. He made the decision to leave.
But it wasn’t to go solo. Because in a dark room in 2005 in London E17 6SF.
maxi:mizer was born.
A masterfully composed cosmos of sound, simultaneously calm and erratic, like the breathing of a very perceptive and sensitive creature. It could gracefully disturb the silence in a room dissolving it into a myriad of tiny universes, each with its own...
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