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Genre: Alternative
Albums: 6
Country: United States
+Female-Fronted Alternative Rock with Teeth+

Alice Sweet Alice plays genre-bending music that resists description, classification or categorization – yet sounds intimately familiar. There are definite rock overtones sometimes paired with electronica, jazz, blues and post punk that ignite the senses with progressive composition and meaningful lyrics.

Alternative Rock with slices of metal, goth, progressive rock, pianos and synths - presented with classic tube amp-powered riffs and thundering drums - served with male and female vocals.
Viola Organista - The Macabre Carnival is the evolution of ASA's Ill-Fated 2016 album "Viola Organista...and Other Impossible Dreams", ASA's 5th studio release. Due to personal, personnel and life changes - Alice Sweet Alice completely...
Ribbons & Stone is ASA’s 4th studio album, and the second with the band’s lineup of original members Scott Martinez (Bass/Vocals) and Ali Kat (Keyboards/Vocals), with Billy Brown (Drums) and Ron Bales (Guitars) contributing their talents for...
Legends of the Po is a very compelling, personal song written by Scott Martinez in 2009 for ASA's "Moloko & Ultraviolence" released the same year. It was redone in late 2011 with ASA's newest lineup, as it has evolved into a rocking,...
Alice Sweet Alice (ASA), on its' first true collaborative album with Billy Brown, Scott Martinez, Ron Bales and Ali Kat have composed a wonderful, exotic and powerful album that hearkens of yesteryear and introduces ASA's sonic message to the...
Glass Houses is ASA's first holiday single, and is about life's lessons and forgiveness.
Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) release their sophomore album "Moloko & Ultraviolence" on 12 May 2009, a mere 9 months following their debut release "First Light". ASA pull out the stops to unleash a melange of textures, imagery and an...
August 19, 2008 - Alice Sweet Alice's emotionally-charged debut release, "First Light" is released internationally. Alice Sweet Alice takes you on a sweet journey with this 10 song collection, encompassing everything from screaming guitars to...
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