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AMAdea Records signed with Green Sun for his 2nd album
26 May 2011 13:38
We are glad to announce that Green Sun decided to sign with us for his second album - "The Page Of Life" - mix of chill-out, electronic, new age, and a range of ambient styles. This album is an excellent front door in for those who listen to mainstream or contemporary music and who like to have something that challenges the ear with each new piece.

Behind the project of Green Sun

Green Sun is a chill-out, new age electronic musical project whose sole member is Israeli producer and composer Michael Hefetz. Michael was born in 1978 in Belarus and in 1990 moved to Israel. He started writing music at the age 16, when was introduced by one of his classmates to MOD tracker music. The first attempts to compose music on computer were done with Scream Tracker in 1994. Since Michael had no music education it was not easy. By following the trial & error method he learned a little about music theory. At that period he was hardly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and early 90’s dance bands like Dr. Alban, Snap and more.

Green Sun a.k.a Michael Hefetz speaks about his current project - "The Page Of Life"

The album is recorded after my first child was born. There was a time for about a year that I have created only 2 tracks. Also during recording the album changed a bit the studio gear. The melody in "The sun has risen" was composed by my big sister when she was at the age of 16 and I was 11. Somehow I have remembered the melody and recreated it. The track "Michailo Lomonosov" is based on one of the themes from old russian movie with the same name. It's melody was always in my head and it was preaty easy to reproduce it. This track I have recorded for about 8 months, because of the break after the child was born.

...and his advice to new composers

I found that it is really helpful at the first step to immitate the sound of a favorite artist. Then your own sound will be created. It is also important to to force the composing. If there are no ideas then just wait, do something else and the ideas will come.
Also it is important that every track will have rememberable theme.

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