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Read the review of "Melo" made by Sonic Curiosity
17 May 2011 11:53

This release from 2011 offers 68 minutes of stately music.

Norwegian synthesist Kroon is joined on tracks by: Goran Obad (on bass, guitars, percussion, and vocals), Birgit Nerheim (on violin), Line Haukland (on cello), Jostein Austvik (on drums), Alex Braathen (on percussion), Sondre Sandhaug (on bass), Mateusz Rostad (on violin), and Csilla Szabo-Eri (on violin). Lead and backing vocals are performed by: Trym Bjonnes (who also plays harmonica), Kjersti Vatnan Ekman (who also contributes flute), Silje Gulbrandsen Hagen, Thomas Haakonsen, and Thomas Wicklund-Larsen. The last track is remixed by ambient musician Xerxes.

Soft electronics blend with classical instruments and vocals to produce tuneage that mesmerizes as it stimulates the cerebrellum.

The electronics are soft and gentle in their presentation, serving as an excellent medium in which the other instruments float with stately elegance.

Among the classical instruments, the violin stands as an integral contribution, bestowing a lilting beauty to the music. The violin alternates between subtle background tones to more expressive lead sawing that generates an heightened level of activity. That elevated sense of motion is similarly augmented by infrequent outbursts of electric guitar. The uncommonly charged incidence of flute also escalates the vibrancy of a few tracks.

While rhythms are present in this music, often they are generated by other instruments creating fragile tempos to counterbalance the more overt drums (when the latter appear to goad things into a lively state).

While vocals are a steadfast fixture in these tunes, they manifest mostly in a non-lyrical manner, adding sinuous layers of crooning to the flowing melodies.

These compositions exhibit a regal posture with their studied gentility, but that aristocracy is suitably tempered with an energized attitude. Combining aspects of cinematic music and progressive classical and contemporary electronics, the result is an alluring sonic excursion full of dreaminess and enthusiasm in equal shares.

- Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

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