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In case you are into modern sounding metal, Overdawn's new album is something you should definitely hear.
7 March 2011 13:31
The World Only Ends When You're Dead by Overdawn is now on sale in our store!

"The World Only Ends When You're Dead" is the third record after the debut "Bleeding Wounds" from 2007 and the follow-up "The Prose Of Existence" from 2009.
The sound is clear and powerful and let you feel the energy flowing out of the band's music.
And what about the music itself? Well, all eleven tracks on this album are filled with heavy yet melodic riffing, pumping bass lines and crushing drumming. Overdawn skilfully mix "Gothenburg" death metal sound with brutal metalcore heaviness,smashing breakdowns and even some black metal passages. Imagine a mix between Killswitch Engage, Heaven Shall Burn, As I Lay Dying and Suicide Silence and maybe you'll get the picture. For example "Passion Of Malice" is a total modern thrash/death explosion, "Solitary" offers melodic start and death/grind final and the title track of the album is a smashing death/core where you can hear the brutal roars of Overdawn's vocalist Ivo together with the growls of the guest singer Ivan (coming from the Bulgarian beatdown/hardcore band Redound). Speaking of vocals, there is a lot of variety in this direction - Ivo can scream, roar, sing and even pig-squeal equially good. The other guys also know how to play their instruments, it's obvious that they aren't newcomers in the scene. At places (like on the impressive track "Days When I Still Feel Alive") there are keyboards as a background that match in a very good way with the extreme music. Another additional element are the hardcore gang shouts that give some more power to the sound. So you see that there is enough going on throughout "The World Only Ends When You're Dead" and there is no chance to feel bored listening to it.
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