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Second AMAdea Records's Compilation
12 January 2011 18:42
We are glad to present our second music compilation - "Chill-out Dreaminess - red session".

Chill-out Dreaminess - red session is the second compilation from the chill series, produced by AMAdea Records. It contains a mix of many fantastic tracks, brought to you by fascinating & promising artists in this field of music. All tracks in the compilation are specially selected and re-mastered in our studio "AMA Sound", in order to give you unique and transparent sound, pulsation and energy that relaxes, rejuvenates and regenerates you to your full extent!

More about "red session"?

This set of 12 tracks could be your solace. Each track has unique dynamics, pulsation & energy that relaxes, rejuvenates and regenerates you to your full extent!

This is Music for the mind, body and soul

So many compilations fail to rise up to what they are made for - each track to be distinctly pleasurable and memorable yet also as a whole, for the tracks to fit together and complement the collaboration. Chill-out Dreaminess achieves this difficult balance.

This is a well worth Spiritual sojourn.

'Red session' is an enigmatic and deeply enchanting set that takes the listener on a musical voyage to the heavens. It's definitely a 'mood setter'. It is perfect to listen late at night before bed alone or with a loved one. It is a compilation full of hope and atonement in humanity.


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