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"Colors of Japan" review from Bruce Gall
14 December 2010 12:14

The music on this album gives me the feeling of the paradox that can exist within city life. There may be thousands, perhaps millions, of people in a city and yet it can be the loneliest place.
There’s a melancholic sense to “Colours Of Japan”. The music is slow of pace, generally, with ambient textures (think Harold Budd) complimented with piano and synth strings. There are gorgeous melodic passages throughout (”The Heart Of A Powerful Empire” and “Templespirit” for example) that sets this ambient album above many others.
I get the impression that the artist has gone to great lengths to create these carefully crafted mini-masterpieces.
The sign of a good album is when the listener can identify with the theme or story behind the music.
Certainly night-time listening material. And, as an added bonus, the final track is a haunting, whispered vocal piece. A little surprise end to a high quality CD. Recommended listening.
Bruce Gall
“Sunday Synth”
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