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AMAdea Records release the debut album of Ajabez
24 September 2010 15:04
One year ago, the band Ajabez – announced for the Best Young Band of Bulgaria by National TV in 2007 won the 7th issue of the competition for Original Composition organized by the independent non-profit community SONIC-BANG based in BULGARIA. We at AMAdea Records supported that competition and promised to reward the winner with producing contract, which include physical and digital distribution, marketing, free advertisement and support at no cost.

Now the long awaited debut album “Made by Friends” is already a fact – released and set for distribution by AMAdea Records. You can follow the link below and explore the music of Ajabez, performing in the genres of pop/rock and ethno music.

The special thing behind “Made by Friends” is the way of making it. We can honestly say that this is the first-of-a-kind album ever made in Bulgaria. Only a few months ago more than 200 friends and fans of the band turn into producers, with the furiously desire to support and help Ajabez to record their first album at AMA Sound studio.

The band is planning to present officially their first album next month in special promo ceremony, on 4 October at Sofia Live Club, Bulgaria. This is expected to be a marvelous show with live performing. For more information and further announce, please check here.

We at AMAdea Records are proud to be the launching pad for this young and promising band and we encourage you to support their efforts as you buy their debut album.
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