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New partnership with IndieTorrent
4 August 2010 14:28
We are glad to announce our recent partnership with new store in the music space called IndieTorrent. The name can easily mislead you, but frankly IndieTorrent has nothing familiar with the illegal torrent portals that most of the people are used to download piracy music. On the contrary this store offers highly service and brand new way of providing legal music to customers.

IndieTorrent are not just the serial store in the music business industry. Their aims are concentrated in becoming the world's first Torrent-enabled audio distribution and e-commerce platform for independent musicians and labels.

IndieTorrenr represent search database for music, where you can easily find everything you want. You can find music by genre, artist, label, release. With every purchase customers receive not only high quality FLAC audio format, but also high print quality of cover art. In addition IndieTorrent offers ability to explore artists with detailed info – artist info, album info, credits and etc.

Our partnership with IndieTorrent is already a reality and you can browse our music catalogue here. We are hoping for bright future and great profit for our Artists.
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