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Daybreak Review by Matt Howarth (SONIC CURIOSITY)
11 June 2010 13:53

Tigerforest: Daybreak

Tigerforest is Gunnar Spardel. Vocals are provided by Amethyste and Lori
Cunningham. Guests include: Chad Klink (on piano), Michael Ghiggeri and
Richie Roccisano (on guitars).

Dreamy electronics are seasoned by percussion and lilting lyrics,
achieving melodies that instill a hopeful respect for nature.

While atmospheric textures establish an airy disposition, the gist of the
electronics are derived from keyboards that produce shimmering waves of
tender chords. Guitars and soft drumming flesh out the sound into a
delicate and holistic resonance.

Periodic appearances by guitars and synthesized strings lend a spry kick
to the melodies, while traditional piano generates a cerebral reverence to
some songs.

The percussion is snappy yet hardly overt. The rhythms slide into a nice
groove with the ongoing harmonics, creating suitably bouncy locomotion.

The female vocals serve to impress a yearning spirit to the tunes. The
lyrics convey optimistic sentiments which celebrate bonds between people
and their environment. Sometimes the singers abandon organized lyrics and
explore a realm of heavenly chorales.

These compositions blend a smoothly liquid flair with a compelling mastery
of relaxing melodies, resulting in songs that offer equal doses of sultry,
dreaminess, and uplifting predilections. Spardel has a crafty touch with
assembling floating chords in ways that instill a sense of majesty.

by Matt Howarth, SONIC CURIOSITY
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