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Interview with Bryan El
6 June 2010 12:49

Bryan El is the artist title recognized for producing Classical Symphonic New Age music in a highly effective format that makes a grand impression while shedding new light on each and every one of his modern day electronic interpretations. You will find his compositions readily capture your attention right from the first few measures up to the final notes.
Bryan El is our featured interview guest where the topics of Bryan’s 2 albums, Out of This World & Spiritual Evolution and his stunning song videos are open for discussion in addition to a detailed look into what makes Bryan’s individualistic approach to music so appealing.
Interview host John Olsen recently had the opportunity to visit with Bryan El and today we publish their conversation so that our readers can learn more about the ambitions of this New Age musician easily recognized by his remarkable electronic symphonies.
John : Thank You for taking time out for our interview Bryan. Recently I wrote album reviews and posted several song videos from Out of This World & Spiritual Evolution because I felt our readers would find your projects are boldly unique from many other forms of electronic music just like B.T. Fasmer and I did. I have read many comments from your fans that support my statement too, so it was only logical to ask for an interview so everyone, including your fans could learn more about you.
Let me ask you this first. Many times an artist will say they have another musician’s influence or they “ sound like “ another more recognized artist. I personally feel you break new ground with electronic music in many respects and do not “ sound like “ another artist. Do you agree and share the same thoughts or do you feel your music closely resembles another artist ?
Bryan El : Many people have a habit of comparing the sound of one artist with another. I believe each individual composer is trying to find their own “sound”. This can be based on several different songs and styles they have heard throughout their lives and have been unconsciously inspired by them. Of course I have my own sources of inspiration as any artist does but I feel I am still evolving my own “sound” as I keep producing new projects.
I honestly couldn’t say what my music will sound like ten years from now and that’s what makes it so exciting. You will always be able to identify similar instruments being used by different artists like pianos, strings and violins, but what matters to me most is the way an artist mixes these together into something unique…. A melody which expresses an emotion like a story that has never been told before.
John : Help me determine what exactly sets your music apart from so many others Bryan. Is it because your music is Classical Symphony styled, or could it be that your upbeat modern day compositions are the reason you seem to rise above the crowd from many other electronic composers ? What are your thoughts Bryan ?
Bryan El : Good question. It’s hard to give your own music a “stamp” of its own kind and I don’t really like to compare my music with other artists in terms of “uniqueness”. Each artist is trying to capture emotions in their own way and the beauty of it is…. there are no rules how to do it. It allows composers to experiment by tweaking their own sounds and combining different styles into one to create something new and original. Eventually it’s up to the listener to determine what sets a specific type of music apart from others.
John : Out of the many genres available for a musician to explore, what led to your decision to embrace New Age and then explore the surreal Classical Symphonic music ?
Bryan El : It wasn’t a decision really. It’s not like at some point I decided “hey let’s try the electronic new age category for a change”. I actually experimented with different things never knowing where I’d end up before I started a project. I’m not trying to fit a certain “genre” either. It has never been my intention to compose symphonic electronic music as people may call it. It’s just the global mix of so many different aspects and influences in my life that led me to create this and I am continuously searching to expand my boundaries.

You can read the full interview here: and here

Author: John P. Olsen

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to John P. Olsen, without who this interview would not be possible.
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