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First AMAdea Records's Compilation
18 January 2010 19:38
We are glad to present our first music compilation - "Chill-out Dreaminess - blue session".

One year after our official launch into the music scene, we are ready with our first compiled set of music tracks. It contains a mix of chill-out songs, brought to you by fascinating & promising artists, who we carry in this field of music. All tracks in the compilation are specially selected and re-mastered in our studio "AMA Sound", in order to give you unique and transparent sound, pulsation and energy that relaxes, rejuvenates and regenerates you to your full extent!

Why "blue session"?

We decided to mark our compilation titles with specific colors, as we feel that music itself moves and pulses in unique vibrations, which can be easily connected with simple colors. "Chill-out Dreaminess - blue session” will take you on special journey, where you can sit back, relax, enjoy and imagine pictures associated with blue waves, sea breeze and rainy seasons.

Is there anything new or special?

Besides that all tracks are re-mastered, they are also all merged together without silent parts between each track. They all sound different and yet they're a part of each other - like an infinite circle of union. It’s like real journey. Tigeforest opens up with the mystical "Mojave Mystery" from his recent album 'Daybreak' but it hardly goes downhill from there. An Enya-esqued "Far Away from You" by Amethyste and the sexy downtempo lounge of "Angels Cry" by Bryan El continue the climb, but it only gets better. "The Last Battle” by Green Sun is a sweeping melody of epic proportions, drawing all sorts of emotions from you with a passionate piano sirene that can lull you. Follow the breathtakingly beautiful song “Lost in Time” by Painted Water and this tranquil set is closed again by Tigerforest with “Pacific Coast Highway”. The chill journey continues with the exhilarating world grooves of "Ab Ovo" by Sleepwalker and the magnificent worldbeat mixture of “Adanto” by Otchenga Zoom. After this ethnic set, the spirit gets relaxed by the sweet and playful female vocal track “Amenti” by Sleepwalker. "Longing for the Sun" by Tigerforest and is followed up by the longing ambient track "The First Birth" by Green Sun, which perfectly stimulates your imagination. If you are in love with the Enigma beats, the next track is right for you – “It's a Miracle” by the ethereal vocalist Amethyste, who brings out to you one more title destined for the summer time – “Summer is Here”. Our journey ends with the calm and peaceful tracks “Utopia” by Bryan El and “Forgiveness” by Painted Water.

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