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Genre: Rock
Albums: 3
Country: United Kingdom
Attack With Style - Ian Cahill

Based in - Preston . Northern England (United Kingdom)

I'm a self-taught guitarist who has created a unique style & sound that is perfect for the music that i compose.
I started playing the Guitar at the young age of 12 as I became very interested in musical instruments particularly the electric guitar.
Whilst growing up I was fortunate to Play and Jam with many bands & musicians, recording demo's & touring around the United Kingdom.
These were amazing times but my musical insights & abilities were far from satisfied and knew that becoming a solo artist was the only way to truly unleash the creativity trapped inside.
My main passion was always the lead guitar and wanted to focus on composing instrumental music featuring my unique self-taught style.
So here i am 5 years on with 3 Album Releases, a style & sound that is progressing everytime i compose a new track and a musical journey that still feels fresh & exciting.
I have given 100% dedication and commitment towards composing & recording the finest music that I have ever produced.
All the tracks have been recorded at my home studio, using only my instruments, heart, soul & mind.

A big thankyou to everyone who gave their time to check out my compositions .
The fans & amazing comments i've recieved have made this project very special.

If you have any feedback, questions or anything to share then you are more than welcome to email - -

Your support means the world to me and I give 100% integrity and respect towards you all.

Thank you

Ian Cahill

Attack With Style
"Interrogate This" Features A Powerful Fusion of Metal, Acoustic and Lead Guitar Harmony Based Instrumentals, That Have Been Passionately Created From The Artist " Ian Cahill " - AKA " Attack With Style " The album...
" Thought Chapter " Is The 2nd Album By " Attack With Style " . This Album Is A New Level In Instrumental Rock Music , And Features Powerful - Melody , Rock And Empathic Lead Guitar Solos .
"Peace Portal" - Is An Attractive Captivating Fusion Of - Melody & Groove , Delightfully Blended With Passionate & Spirited Lead Guitar Solo's . This Thrilling Instrumental Album Will Touch The Soul Of Every Listener .
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