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The original film-documentary soundtrack “Return to Nature” is now available on CD!
13 September 2011 15:50
Return to Nature by Sleepwalker is now on sale in our store!

“Return to Nature” is an original film-documentary soundtrack written and composed by Sleepwalker for Algerian based filming studio facility - “Kawakib Cinema Production”. The Documentary represent the wild nature in a very beautiful lake of Reghaia, classified in Ramsar Convention list. The development of the industry in that area causes huge pollution and if the local government did not make the necessary, it will be soon a home of very dangerous diseases. This lake is the first point of a resting place for many birds, which come from Europe to pass the winter in Africa. If it get polluted a very important ecological circle will be broken.

The cinematic music creates an intense and driving feel by mixing modern orchestral elements, ethnic and classical instruments, enchanting vocals and world percussion. It combines in elegantly way mellow, exotic and alluring themes; romantic, atmospheric and mysterious melodies and ethnic, cultural and root instruments in one common sound picture. Imagine walking in the Sahara Desert with the hot sun beating down on you, feeling your head throbbing, the distant horizons glimmer in the desert sun, the sand blows across the plains, a nervous feeling that there is something about to approach from the east, clear blue sky and intense heat that causes the mirage of a lake of water and feeling weary, your mind is wandering, hallucinations & thirst. And this is just a glimpse of what you are going to explore.
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